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Restore Your Normal Vision by Having Lens Replacement

Is Lens Replacement Better than LASIK?

For many of us, the human lens does not provide the correct focus even as a child, hence the need for glasses and contact lenses. Since the mid 1990s, many of these people have sought out vision correction with LASIK surgery.

LASIK is a procedure that surgically removes tissue from your cornea to counterbalance the irregularity in your lens and the shape of your eye, to restore normal vision without glasses or contacts.

But there are several major problems with this:

  • As we age, the lens of the eye will eventually harden and lose its close up focusing power, requiring many of us to need reading glasses in our early 40s. LASIK does not fix this. People who get LASIK will still need to wear reading glasses.
  • As the lens ages, it thickens, causing nearsightedness once again. Thus, LASIK is only a temporary fix that lasts about 7 to 10 years.
  • LASIK permanently distorts the normal curvature of the cornea, making accurate corneal measurements impossible. The result is that any future cataract and lens implantation surgery will not be as successful as on a patient that didn’t have LASIK.
  • Cataract surgery will still be necessary with LASIK patients as they age.
  • LASIK patients commonly experience chronic dry eyes, nerve damage, and glare problems, especially at night.

So the eventual outcome after LASIK surgery is to wear glasses again and undergo multiple procedures with mediocre results.


But there is a solution: Lens Replacement

The premium IOLs on the marketplace today have the ability to correct for distance vision, reading, and everything in between, by replacing the lens of the eye with a permanent correcting lens. This not only provides you with vision at all distances, it assures you will never need reading glasses, and you will never get cataracts. You are done!

LASIK is temporary; lens replacement is permanent. Taking that all into consideration, it’s no wonder why many of the most accomplished surgeons in the world know that lens replacement surgery with a premium IOL is vastly superior to LASIK.

* Disclaimer: Based on outcomes from the Better than LASIK procedures performed at the Eye Associates of Brazos Valley. Individual results may vary.

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