Safe Incision Surgery

Offering the Safest and Most Advanced Incision Surgery

Safe Incision™ Surgery

Dr. Beim has developed a remarkable, modified technique for lens replacement called Safe Incision℠ Surgery.

After years of painstaking analysis and development, Dr. Beim performs a unique incision in the sclera, the white wall of the eye that won't leak and allows for safe and rapid recovery. Many lens replacement surgeons make incisions in the cornea, the clear dome structure on the surface of the eye. However, there is no blood flow in the cornea so healing after surgery can take as long as 1 1/2 years.

The sclera is composed of protein arranged in a strong cross-and-twist fashion and contains many blood vessels. The conjunctiva, a translucent tissue that covers the sclera, also contains blood vessels. The availability of blood around the incision promotes healing and greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Numerous references including a Harvard study indicate that infection rates with corneal incisions are 300 percent to 1600 percent higher than with scleral incisions.
After thousands of surgeries and over 16 years of practice, not one of Dr. Beim's patients has experienced a post-operative infection. You can resume all your activities, including scuba diving, sky diving, hunting, and exercising in just a few weeks. That's what Safe Incision™is all about.

Dr. Beim combines his Safe Incision technique with the ReSTOR® Multifocal IOL and CLEAR℠ surgeries, to offer the safest and most advanced lens replacement surgery available.